Maa Bhagwati Jagran Akhand Jyoti
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Rituals and Practices

Significance of Jagran

The concept of ‘ Jagran ' or ‘Jagrata' is a common practice in the Hindu Faith and is frequently misconstrued by others. The word Jagran , derived from the Sanskrit word ...


Significance of Mata Ki Chowki

Mata Ki Chowki is a small version of Mata Ka Jagrata. In this the devotees use to perform bhajans and sankirtan according to their conviniance for short period of time. The main aim to have Chowki Mata Ki is that as today people are too busy and there is lack of time so in order to achive a holy...


Why Tara Rani Katha

This katha , or narrative, is an integral part of the Bhagvati Jagran and dates back to before the beginning of the Kaliyuga (approximately 4500 years ago)...


Why Nariyal is Offered..

In early times there was a bhagwati devotee named “Nandlal” lived at village Narela near delhi (India). He spend his hole life..


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